Matt Nianzhang Liu is an artist born and raised in Shenyang, China, and is currently based in New York City. Matt holds a Master’s degree from CUNY Brooklyn College and a Bachelor’s degree from the LuXun Academy of Fine Arts. He is not only lingering on the novelty of the changing environment but also suffering from the loss of the peculiarity of culture brought about by globalization and urbanization, also, he is finding and shaping himself in different environments. 

Born in Shenyang, Liaoning, China, 1992.
LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Majored in Sculpture, BA, 2010-2015
CUNY Brooklyn College, Majored in Fine Arts(Photography), MFA, 2019-2021
Cerf Scholarship in Art, 2020, 2021
Schaffer, Frances R. Jellinek '56 and Hal '56 Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship, 2020, 2021
City Artist Corps Grants, NY Foundation of Art, 2021
NYC Arts in Education Roundtable Grants, 2022

<No True Sometimes Is Not Really Not True>, Installation, Group Exhibition, LAFA Gallery, Shenyang, 2013
<Living Like Summer Flowers>, Sculpture, Group Exhibition, LAFA Gallery, Shenyang, 2015.
<INFINITY>, Video, ‘Opening Night’ Group Exhibition, SCAD Gallery, Atlanta, US, 2016. 
<Choices>, Photography, Group Exhibition ‘LUSCIOUS RELICE’, Palazzo Velli Eventi EXPO, Roma, Italy, 2018.
<Out Of Existence>, Solo Photography Exhibition, Ten Minutes Space, Shenyang, China, 2018.
<Do Not Ask Me Where Is It, Please>, <Follow My Camera>, <Hey, Do Not Be Shy>, Photography, Opening StudioNight Group Exhibition, CUNY Brooklyn College, 2019.
<Corona Virus Is Not A Racist>, Digital Collage, Online Exhibition ‘1000 Hours of Outrage’, 2020 
<Wear A Mask If You Do Not Support Me!>, Digital Collage, Online Exhibition ‘1000 Hours of Outrage’, 2020 
<People from the Back>, <Do Not Ask Me Where Is It>, <Self Portrait>, Photography, ‘An Unofficial Gathering’ Group Exhibition, Smack Mellon, NY, US, 2021
<Self Portrait>, Photography, Group Exhibition ‘Almost Endless’, SAMA Altoona Gallery, Altoona, Pennsylvania, US, 2021
<Tropicana>, Digital Painting NFT, Group Exhibition 'A City To Wear 3.0', The Research House for Asian Art, Chicago, IL, US, 2021
<Self Portrait>, Photography, Group Exhibition 'Coping Reservoir', The Box Factory Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, US
<Do Not Ask Me Where Is It>, Photography, Group Exhibition 'Link: Future', SIA NYC, NY, US, 2021
<Around the Chaos>, Photography, Photo Independent Visual Fair, Online, 2022
<Serious Life Portrait>, Photography, Photo Independent Visual Fair, Online, 2022

<David>, Sketch, Collected by the sculpture department of LAFA, Shenyang, China, 2012.
<Parking Lot>, Photography, Collected by China Photo Almanac 2018-2019, P371.
<New York! New York!>, News Report, Published by SOHU Jizhou News Studio, 2020.
<Strike The PBA>, Photography, Protest Event, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping, NY, US, 2020
<Painting Never Die: A City to Wear>, Art Review Articles, 2021
<Start in a Place: The Tonnele Jut>, Documentary Photography, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping, NJ, US, 2021
<Nianzhang Liu - Do Not Ask Me, "Where Is It?">, BROAD Magazine Publication, 2021 

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